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What is whitelisting and why is it important?

In order to avoid Airbit claiming against your YouTube videos we will need to whitelist your account. This simply means we add your YouTube Channel ID to a list of ‘allowed’ accounts that we will not claim against.

It’s important you supply us with your Channel ID as soon as possible so we can whitelist your account and avoid any unnecessary claims against you

Click here to see how to whitelist your account.

Whitelisting is only for producers monetizing their beats through Airbit's Content ID program

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  1. Ellis Houslin

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  1. Igor

    bro, they claimed my video, I used a loop from the Looperman site, if you can get this breakdown off I’ll be happy, because I’m only 13 and I don’t know much about it.
  2. Sara Laamarti Bousmaha

    Staff –

    Unfortunately, we can not whitelist channels other than the producer's channels. However, as a producer you can manage the claims raised based on your beats and if any claims are generated on your customers' videos, you can release the claims from your Dashboard. 

    In response to gishfang

  3. gishfang

    Can we whitelist channels and videos besides our own? What if there's a release with one of our beats, which is signed to the Airbit Content ID program, but this release is fine because the artist payed for using it? Thank you!!