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How to Make Beats Private

Private beats are a great way to keep certain beats for certain customers - whether it's email subscribers, existing customers, new customers, etc. This means you can upload these beats, set them to private and they will not be displayed in your store - but they can still be bought if you share them

You can add them to a playlist and share that playlist with whomever you wish. Or you can share the individual beat, and only these people will be only to see and purchase the beat(s)

You can set a beat to private when you upload the beat by clicking the Public button in the top right, or later by clicking the name of the beat in Music & Media > Beats

If you want to create an entire playlist of private beats, please click here for a guide to creating playlists. Then create a new configuration which displays this playlist in a tab and only share this with your special customers

You can find the direct URL (which you will need to share) for the store by clicking the Embed Code tab in Dashboard > Music Stores > HTML5 Stores

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