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User Guide

Step-by-step guides to the various features available to you as an Airbit producer!

  1. Uploading Beats

    1. How to Upload Beats
    2. How to Upload Tagged Beats
    3. How to Provide Trackouts (Stems)
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  2. Receiving Payments

    1. How to Set Up Your Paypal Account
    2. How To Accept Debit/Credit Card Payments Without Paypal
    3. How To Automatically Accept Currency Conversions In Paypal (And Avoid Incomplete Orders)
  3. Beat Store

    1. How to Create a Playlist or Album
    2. How to Use the 'Share Cart' Feature
    3. How to Use Store tabs
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  4. Billing

    1. How To Update Your Credit Card Details
    2. How to Cancel Your Subscription
    3. How to Change Your Subscription Package
  5. Managing Beats

    1. How to Automatically Tag All Your Beats
    2. What To Do If You’ve Uploaded Tagged Beats When Creating New Beats
    3. How to Allow Offers For Beats
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  6. Selling Tools

    1. How to Export Sales Data
    2. How to Upload & Sell Songs
    3. How to Create & Sell Sound Packs
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  7. Integrations

    1. How to Connect a Facebook Pixel to Airbit
    2. How to Use Google Analytics Tracking With Airbit
    3. How to Integrate Email Marketing With Airbit
  8. Licenses & Contracts

    1. How to Change Licenses Prices
    2. Licensing Overview
    3. How to Set Up Contracts
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  9. Getting Started

    1. Getting Started Selling Beats With Airbit
  10. Infinity Store

    1. How to Customize Your Infinity Store: The Complete Guide
    2. What is an Infinity Store And How do I Get One?
    3. How do I Customize The Infinity Store?
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  11. Airbit Artist Features

    1. How to Add a Beat to a Playlist
    2. How to Search By Sound on Airbit
    3. How to Collaborate on a Playlist
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