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How to Change Your Subscription Package

This tutorial will take you through the steps of changing your subscription package if you are subscribed via debit/credit card (not through Paypal). To do this:

  1. Head to your Dashboard
  2. Click your Avatar image to go to your account settings (or click here)
  3. Scroll down to Subscription  and click Manage your billing & subscription
  4. Choose the plan you want to change to using the drop down menu and click 'Switch Plans'

You will be billed pro-rata for subscription changes. This means if you are mid subscription, the amount of time left (taken at the daily rate) will be taken off the price of your new package.

If you are subscribed using the old PayPal subscription method the process is slightly different - go to the Subscription page, as above, then click on Upgrade or Renew Now to submit a new PayPal payment.

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  1. Lil Xane OTB

    You guys litteraly have the worst customer support and web development possible out of all beat selling platforms. This isnt even remotley up to date and i cant pay for my subscription because you wont allow me to repeatedly telling me to try another card or try again while you threaten to delete all 400 of my beats. And to add to that im suposed to have a BASIC MEMBERSHIP WITH 10 BEATS but my customers are telling me you took all of my beats down and they are unable to purchase ANYTHING let alone OPEN MY STORE AT ALL. Your trying to force people to buy your annual membership and im not going for it. Why would you make checkout with paypal only available for annual memberships when ALL SALES GO THROUGH PAYPAL. This is either a malicious tactic to get people to pay for your shitty annual subscription or horrible website development, either way your customer service is fucking terrible

  2. JuiceOnTheBeat

    I can't change subscription I'm stuck in trial mode!

    I wanna switch to gold plan

  3. ChrisOnThaBeat

    wont let me upgrade my subscription,

  4. Baby Breeze

    It says i have 0 uploads and i only have 10 beats posted please help

  5. Zay Did It

    Is the 6 month subscription no longer available ??? I can't find it 

  6. Malik Bynoe-Fisher

    wont let me upgrade my subscription,

  7. BYC Producer

    Won't allow me to upgrade my subscription...Help please.

  8. Sara Laamarti

    Staff –

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your ticket. 

    Your ticket has been treated and your issue was resolved. 

    In response to ScoopBeats

  9. Sara Laamarti

    Staff –

    You may upgrade your account by accessing your Dashboard> Settings> Subscription> Upgrade or Renew now 


    You may make a payment manually to and inform us on and we will upgrade your account accordingly

    In response to ETHER HOUSE

  10. ScoopBeats

    I am having issues trying to upgrade and contacted you guys with an urgent ticket over 48 hours ago. I have heard nothing, but I have recieved three promotional emails. Is anyone actually listening?