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How to Create a Full Page Store (& Redirect Your Domain To Your Store)

You may have seen that when you visit some producer's sites, the entire website is their store. Here's how you can create that for yourself:

  1. Head to Dashboard > Music Stores > HTML5 Stores

  2. You'll need a custom configuration for this, so if you haven't already, select Create New Configuration from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, select you custom configuration

  3. Customize your store as you wish and save the configuration

  4. Click the Embed Code tab to view your HTML code and direct URL. The URL is what you'll need, as this is what you'll be sending your visitors to. (You can also give this link to customers to send them to your full page store)

  5. The next step will be different for everyone, as you'll need to forward your domain to your direct player URL. This means that when people go to www.(yourwebsite).com they will be automatically sent straight to your full screen store

If you're unsure how to forward your domain you'll need to contact your domain host, our find a guide online that will walk you through it

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  1. Sara Laamarti

    Staff –

    You might have a typo mistake in your URL and that's why you are facing this issue. 

    For more assistance, you may contact your domain host. 

    In response to ottomanbeats

  2. ottomanbeats

    so i forwarded my my domain name to the direct URL and it doesnt work. when i go to the link itll take me to the sign in page of airbit instead.  itll take me to the store only if i type but when i type it wont.