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Should I Submit My Beats Before I Make Them Available In My Store?

Whilst not mandatory, we recommend you submit all beats for monetization as soon as you upload them to Airbit. If someone else has submitted a song containing your beat for monetization, it may impede our ability to monetize said beat, or stop us from monetizing it entirely. 

This is because, as far as YouTube is concerned, that piece of music already belongs to someone else, and that will be used to match any videos containing this music. When matching videos, YouTube needs a reference file to match against these videos. This reference fils is the piece of music (i.e. your beat) that you submit. Therefore, if YouTube already has a reference file, in the form of the song submitted by someone else, that is the file that will be used to match videos.

This does not mean they own the copyright to your beat(s). 

We can't guarantee that another company won't already be claiming the exclusive rights, but the best way to secure this for yourself is to always submit your beats for Content ID before selling them to customers. If you don't, your customers can submit their songs before you, and there's no way to force the competing company to exclude their reference (stop monetizing it).

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