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There's a Problem With my Order, Can Airbit Help?

When you have an issue with an order, we'll always do our best to help, and we encourage you to contact us at with any questions. Please click here for a list of common issues, and what to do when you encounter them.

However, due to certain circumstances, we may not always be able to fully resolve a problem. For example, if there is an issue taking place in PayPal, as this is outside of our platform, we cannot fully diagnose or resolve this.

We will always be happy to contact a seller on your behalf to help resolve any order issues, and they are usually happy to help resolve these. However, we cannot guarantee a resolution, as ultimately the files and payments are with the seller.

Producers use Airbit to sell their beats, however, we are not the sellers or the owners of the beats on our platform. Therefore, if you require a refund, please contact the producer, as money is paid directly to them, and only they can refund this. If the sale has taken place on our Marketplace and we have received a commission payment, we will of course refund this after you receive your refund from the producer.

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  1. Joshua Canion

    I was charged twice for my subscription I’m trying to see how to resolve this before calling wells fargo

  2. Prod. By League

    Whatever subscribtion i chose, i do not want it. I want what i was paying for originally. 20 a month not 95 a month or whatever it is. I domt even sell any beats so its no point 

  3. Track Chemist Beats

    I was charged twice for my subscription I’m trying to see how to resolve this before calling the bank

  4. Makiah Taylor

    Can I please get a refund for the 199.90 subscription. I did not mean to buy that at all. 

  5. Julian Swanigan

    can i get a refund please???