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How Can I Get My Beats Displayed on The Homepage?

There are a number of ways you can get your beats displayed on the homepage:

  1. As a Featured Beat - which is displayed at the top of the Marketplace homepage, and is carefully selected by our team each month.

  2. As a Promoted Beat, which you can book from your Dashboard

  3. As a Staff Pick - which will be chosen by us for various reasons. As long as your beat is on the Marketplace, it can be a staff pick!

  4. As one of the Top Beats - these are the top 100 selling beats of the last 7 days (displayed in groups of 10)

  5. As one of the Top Producers - same as the Top Beats, but linking to your profile, instead of a single beat

  6. As one of the Latest Releases - this contains a selection of newly released beats (it does not display every new beat)

  7. As the Producer of The Week - This is a highly coveted section, as it is dedicated to only one producer and their beats, and will be chosen based on various different reasons

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